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Beauty sheet masks for the more beautiful, fresher and younger skin

Consumption of healthy food is good, but applying them directly on your skin is even better!

What Are Superfood For Skin Home Face Mask Sheets good for?

Healthy food reach outstanding results in treating different skin problems, not only through consumption but also through application directly on the skin. The extract made up by natural components in the Superfood for Skin sheet masks resulted in a revolutionary new and healthy cosmetic product. The Superfood for Skin product family was developed to help treating everyday skin problems by harmonizing the advantages of different nourishments.

Most Popular Face Mask Sheets


Treat yourself after an exhausting day with a proper cosmetic treatment without the struggle of spending time with mixing up all kinds of ingredients, but only in 15-20 minutes, at home. You can use it easily by keeping it in the fridge.


The same way as the fresh salad supports your body, vitamins and minerals support your skin. The face mask sheets contain extracts that are rich in vitamins. 


No matter which package you choose, you can expect more youthful, tighter and fresher skin thanks to the nutrients of the face mask sheets.


Our products do not contain adverse ingredients, but they do natural extracts. The material of the masks is made of natural cellulose fiber and is 100% biodegradable.


Is your face dry, too oily, pale or ruddy? No problem, your skin only needs the appropriate vitamins
and nutrients.


Healthy food can make a miracle to your face not only through consumption but also through external application.





Face Mask Sheets Adjusted To The Needs of Your Skin

You can find 7 facial mask sheets in a package, but you can also order 1-1 piece from your favorite masks. 

You can choose out of 4 different types of sheet mask packages, each of them contains different nutrients in order to achieve perfect skin, even for every day of the week.

Face Mask Sheets For Home Without Struggling With Preparing Your Own Mixture

  • Superfood Salad for Skin beauty face mask sheets help with natural ingredients to get the most out of your skin. With the help of the beauty sheet masks, you can get natural vitamins and ingredients easily and efficiently into your skin, which becomes more healthy, fresher and glowing.
  • Everyone can find the most appropriate face mask sheets to their skin from our different face masks and Face Mask Sheet packages. If you choose from the beauty sheet mask packages, you can do the most for your skin with the most appropriate treatment to your skin's actual condition, to remove the visible signs of having a stressful day.
  • If you choose our sheet masks, you save yourself from the struggles of preparing your homemade face mask, like the time consuming and expensive purchase of the ingredients, finding the best recipe to your skin and preparing it in an appropriate way followed by cleaning up. In contrast, the beauty face mask sheets only have to be unwrapped and put on your skin already cleared from dirt and makeup. It takes 15-20 minutes for the nutrients to get absorbed. During this time you do not have anything to do but to relax and enjoy the treatment at any place you want, for example at home in the bathtub.
  • The beauty sheet masks contain only beneficial natural extracts. The effect of natural vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients of the used fruits and vegetables is well known for a long time. Even in ancient times, besides consumption, they were already used as face masks - in the case of certain plants.
  • Achieving healthy, glamourous, smooth and beautiful skin glowing with freshness is not easy. Besides exercising and consuming quality food, it is recommended to focus on the area where we would like to achieve change. If this is the skin, then beauty face mask sheets and sheet mask packs can help, as they exert their beneficial effects directly on the target area.
  • So many people, so many skin types, furthermore, the needs of the skin are different as well. Even during one day, independently from age and sex, our skin is exposed to numerous harmful impacts, which are different in every season (UV rays, dust, smoke and exhaust fumes, dry and cold winter weather, etc.). Fortunately, you can find in nature and so in the beauty masks all what can help handling the different needs of the skin.
  • Let it be dry, dehydrated, pale skin or oily, shiny, blotched or even aging, tired and wrinkly skin, everyone can find the appropriate face masks from our product scale.