Face Mask Sheets - Naturally 

We can apply the nutrient on the skin with the help of an environmental friendly, cellulose made 'Tencel' sheet which easily sticks to the skin. The Superfood extract and the Hi-Tencel handkerchief hydrates the skin immediately and helps retaining moisture.

The Hi-Tencel is a thin, sheet mask, which perfectly fits to your skin, furthermore thanks to the wholes ensuring your eyes, nose and mouth is left uncovered - in contrast to traditional face packs - you don't have to worry about anything getting into your eyes, nose or mouth, or getting all over your face.

Certain packs contain wet, water based refreshing face masks, like tomato, carrot, green tea, broccoli, kale, blueberry, beetroot or mangosteen. Other packs are rather soft and rich in cream like avocado, honey, coconut or olive.

The face masks do not contain harmful ingredients, and do not contain the following: triethanolamine, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethanol, benzophenone-3, paraben and talc.

The fabric of the mask is made of natural fiber and 100% biodegradable. Superfood face masks are environmental- and animal friendly products (not tested on animals), hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Home Skin Care - On A Master Level

The superfoodforskin.com website was created to make it possible for everyone to gain access to the face masks that moisturize your skin and can make miracle with it even if you use them at home. Different sheet masks have different effects, we aimed to list only really effective face masks that we had tried and we do know well!Superfood Salad face mask packages are easy and comfortable to handle but should be kept refrigerated. 

A sheet mask package contains 7 different packets which help us to perform a one week skin care treatment according to the actual, daily condition of our skin. With the Superfood for Skin beauty face masks you can take care of your skin during only 15-20 minutes per day and ensure it's getting healthier and well-groomed, and also obtains the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

SUPERFOOD Inside and Outside

Superfood expression is generally used for healthy food that are rich in nutrients and are low on calories and fat. In addition, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. The expression started to spread after the American nutritionist, Steven Pratt's book have been published (14 foods that will change your life). He introduced those foods, which are rich in nutrients, have detoxifying effects, strengthen the immune system, help against aging, so they are SUPER FOODS for your skin as well.

Hints to get the most out of using the face mask sheets

Most of us already heard about the beneficial impacts of face masks and homemade face mask packs. It's also well known, that certain plants and vegetables can positively treat certain skin imperfection and problems not only through consumption but also through application directly on the skin. 

Sheet masks and sheet mask packs containing extract and moisture of plants were already prepared and used in ancient times. From big western empires to small Asian tribes, numerous evidence remain, like plates, mortars, textiles, which preserved traces of rudimentary, cosmetics-like materials. The long used and efficient beauty knowledge can be discovered in today's modern beauty masks as well. Using beauty sheet masks has always been an important way of home face care. 

Modern face mask sheets enable us to continue this tradition in a more efficient and easier way than ever,No matter if obtaining and preserving healthy, youthful skin is part of our daily routine or we just want our face to show our best form on an important occasion the following day, the Superfood for Skin face mask is a great choice in both cases.

Face masks hold out hopes for achieving wonderful results, however it also should be taken into account that similarly to every treatment, proper application of face mask sheets also require careful attention and consciousness. By keeping some simple rules, you can ensure to obtain the best result when using the face masks.

Get the most out of your home face mask sheet treatment

  • Clean well and prepare your face for the treatment

Sheet masks put on not completely cleansed skin do not hold many benefits. Makeup and impurities prevent the beneficial ingredients of the face mask sheets, sufficient nutrients and vitamins to get absorbed into the skin.
It's also important for the hands to be clean when unwrapping the mask, pay attention avoiding touching it with dirty hands.
If you use not only cold water, but also some kind of skin cleanser, tonic, cotton, cleansing wipes or warm towel, maybe even a steamy shower, you already do much for your skin to get into its best condition and be well prepared for the treatment.

  • Keep the face mask on your face as long as it's advised.

Most face masks and sheet mask packs have a recommended timeframe for application. There can be sheet masks which need more time to be efficient, but Superfood for Skin beauty home masks have a recommended treatment duration of 15-20 minutes.
Due to the comfortable use, during such a short time you even might doze off, in this case it's better to set an alarm to signal that the recommended time has passed.

  • Know your skin type and which sheet mask is the best fit for it

Different people have different skin. The same way as different face mask sheets and plants offer different benefits. Dry or sensitive skin has different needs from what a greasy and oily skin needs. In case of pimples or pale skin, it's practical to make a choice by considering these.
If you don't have any particular problems, you simply want to do for your skin to preserve its youthful and fresh condition even with time passing by, you should try several face masks. Different face masks nurture your skin with different nutrients, and you can experience which mask works the best for you and get the best results.

  • Don't let the leftover get wasted.

Certain face masks are water based, others are creamy. At the end of the treatment when you peel off the mask, it might happen that your skin not yet fully absorbed the serum of the mask. No problem, with clean hands you can gently massage it into your skin.

Use a sheet mask that fits the most for the actual condition of your skin 

By choosing different face mask sheets and face mask sheet packages in every season of the year, you can do much to react properly to the most demanding conditions for your skin. In summer strong UV rays, sunburn, sweating, in winter dry and cold air can be the most irritating factors. Everyday stress is visible on your skin as well, but you can do much to avoid these factors having a strong impact on your face.

Persistent and conscious application brings the desired results.

How to use the beauty sheet masks?

In contrast to homemade face masks, there's no need to purchase and mix ingredients, spend time with struggling applying it to your skin and then cleaning up after the preparation. You only have to do the following:

  1. Cleanse your skin, remove makeup.
  2. Apply the face mask.
  3. Leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes, then remove it.
  4. Gently massage into your skin the cream left on your face and let your skin absorb it.

Hint: Keep the masks in the fridge, it makes their use more refreshing and cooling.

Important! Applicable only externally! Avoid it getting into your eyes! Keep it away from children! In case of irritation or rash, stop using it! Don't use it on cankered or hurt skin. Don't store it in extreme temperature and avoid exposure to direct sun. Use it straight after unwrapping it! 

Don't forget! Eating healthy food is great, but nurturing your skin with them is even better!

The information on this site is for informative purposes only and does not replace the opinion of a specialist, so please contact a specialist for specific complaints.